Epoxy Systems

Epoxy Systems

Dynamis is proud to bring 70 years of experience to the custom epoxy systems market. At Dynamis, we sell our custom epoxy coatings, concrete repair products, adhesive/bonding products, pump repair products, and EPO Dynaweight dynamic balancing compounds to the public. We also supply wholesalers and distributors, as was our sole business model throughout our history. Today, we are proud to offer our top-of-the-line custom epoxy solutions to the world available online.

Why Purchase Custom Epoxy Systems from Dynamis

There are several reasons why people buy epoxy products from Dynamis. For example, having been in business for the better part of a century, our customers know that we have experience in customizing the best epoxy systems in the world, and they know that Dynamis has a reputation of putting customer satisfaction above all else. But there two reasons, in particular, why people buy epoxy from us – 1) quality and 2) price.

Using the latest cutting-edge epoxy technology, we are able to manufacture professional-grade coatings and adhesives for a wide range of applications. Dynamis has been innovating epoxy systems for decades, and our processes, tools, equipment, and expertise allows us to create high-quality coatings while minimizing overhead expenses and increasing operational efficiency. This translates to cost-savings for our valued customers. Wholesale buyers save even more money, as bulk purchases are significantly discounted!

Dynamis Stands by its Products

Because each one of our customers is unique, Dynamis is committed to providing customized epoxy formulations specific to the need and application. For example, we can customize epoxy compounds for just about anything, including boat repair, concrete repair, pump repair, and more. Our epoxy compounds are top-of-the-line, suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Dynamis talks to the talk, but that’s only because we walk the walk. We put our money where our company’s mouth is. We back our products 100%. How do you think we’ve survived and thrived as North America’s #1 manufacturer of professional-grade coatings and adhesives for nearly a century! We stand by all of our custom-formulated epoxy potting compounds, adhesives, coatings, and epoxy solutions.

Find a Custom Epoxy Coating for Your Needs

Concrete and machinery surfaces get old, fade, crack, and wear down. In order to extend the life of these, an epoxy coating should be applied. Not only will applying a custom epoxy solution extend the life of your machinery and concrete, but it can also beautify it. Our epoxies have a metallic shine and can be pigmented with different colors and additives, as well as formulated with non-slip aggregates.

Dynamis sells epoxy coatings of 100% solids. This includes EPO Seal 100, EPO Coat H3H, and EPO Coat NS-100. Each epoxy coating system has its own uses and purposes, including sealing and coating floors and machinery, providing slip-resistance, withstanding heavy equipment and machinery, and more. Please, contact Dynamis today to learn more about us and to speak with a representative about your specific epoxy system needs.

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